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Periodontal Exams & Gum Disease Treatment in Virginia Beach

gum disease
Periodontists are medical professionals who specialize in gum disease treatment. Periodontal dentists receive training in both surgical and less invasive forms of care. Virginia Beach’s Tidewater Dental Group is the place to go to treat your case of gum disease before it advances to the next stage. We offer gentle oral care using the latest technologies and procedures.

What to Expect

A comprehensive periodontal evaluation helps a specialist understand the condition of your gums. In general, your periodontics doctor will consider the following six areas:
  • Individual risk factors - A staff member will start by gathering basic information about your lifestyle and habits. Your age along with the presence of diabetes, heart disease, tobacco usage and other factors will be considered.
  • Radiograph diagnostics - The amount and quality of your bones can be determined by means of radiographic scans. A specialist will look for bone loss patterns in these images to understand the cause and make treatment recommendations.
  • Plaque - During this part of the analysis, your periodontist will be looking at the presence, degree and distribution of plaque and calculus.
  • Teeth/subgingival area - Some of the parameters that your dentist will check for include pocket depths, gingival recession, attachment level, width of keratinized tissue and the presence of inflammation.
  • Dentition - The arrangement of your teeth can also provide useful information in regards to your dental health. Caries, lesions, proximal contact relationships and the function of prosthetics and implants will be considered.
  • Occlusion - By having you close your teeth, the doctor can record occlusal pattern observations and fremitus results.

We Welcome Norfolk and Chesapeake Patients

Don’t let gum disease or the need for dentures cause you to worry. Instead, take action now to improve your dental health. Our clinic serves patients from Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 757-424-1976.